Mom’s Second Death Anniversary

I don’t like to flaunt my Christian faith, there is no need to. In fact, I consider anyone who does it (from any religion) a fundamentalist to be kept at a distance. At home, it is fine as it is your very own cocoon. We do have images of Jesus and Biblical verses at home.

I can, nonetheless, assert that I am secular in outlook and sometimes even think of myself as an agnostic. So much for my fickleness! It is fine occasionally to get a little personal!

We are Protestants/Anglicans but my mom, Sathiavathy Gnanadhas, loved Mother Mary and would visit the Velankanni church in Tamil Nadu regularly – since my childhood. Visits there were often as a family. We went there even after my marriage and after that of my brother.

Both my brother and I had our primary and secondary schooling in Catholic institutions. As a family, we are staunch Protestants and have always been members of the Anglican church or those within the Church of South India denomination.

All that fluff aside, this day in 2014, a day before Mother Mary’s birthday, we lost our mom.


It’s two years since her passing, things have not changed much and some of her unfulfilled wishes remain just that. We will be able to fulfill them soon.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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