Phone Sets Jeep Ablaze, Airlines Ban Charging on Flights

Risks Mount as Phones Become Multifunctional? Or is it just a Charger issue?

The more functions a mobile phone features the riskier it gets for those having one in their pockets, in cars or even flights.

Or so I think, I don’t care if it is just naïveté! It may only be an issue with the charger, but no harm exploring the other possible causes as well!

And it does not have to be confined to a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the risks can apply to iPhone or any other brand!

This week, an American saw his jeep go up in flames after a Samsung Galaxy Note7 he left in it is reported to have caught fire. It was sheer luck he was not inside the vehicle at that moment.

jeep-on-fireAnother man, at a hotel in Australia, has reported that his Note 7 phone exploded while he was asleep in the room.

These and a few other incidents have prompted many airlines to ban the charging of phones on flights. They include the Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Australia.

But what about the threat of phones going ablaze even when they are not being charged? As phones become increasingly multifunctional the dangers also appear to be multiplying.

WiFi on Flights – If Phones Can Go Ablaze so Can Laptops

If phones can explode, so can laptops. And with WiFi being increasingly available on flights, both laptops and phones are finding wide mid-air use.

I make it a point not to use any of that on a flight. I always have my phone completely shut down, without keeping it just on aeroplane mode, until I touchdown. But that is not on safety considerations. That is only to save on battery usage!

While bad news appears to be piling on Samsung, let us not be foolhardy in assuming that phones from other manufacturers are safer!

I hope we don’t see phones getting so smart that they can pose more risks to life and property. Safety First!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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