Kashmir is Burning, let there be No Fiddling

Kashmir has always been burning, yesterday’s Uri strike is another ominous signal it is an issue that will continue to fester.


Since I started blogging in May 2005, about eight years after I quit full-time journalism, I have been writing regularly about the ferment in Kashmir.

Photo: India Today

My first two posts were on Pakistan and China, two countries that are now inseparable partners in crime. And since terror strikes in India have been recurring phenomena I kept writing about them.

Audacious Shaukat Aziz: I was at an event in Singapore where Pakistan’s then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz proudly proclaimed that his country “was all for peace. The outstanding issues could be put behind us if we handled them with courage, magnanimity and flexibility.”

In other words, he expected India to show all that while Pakistan would continue to pander to evil forces.

Arrogant and audacious, Mr Aziz even said: “being next door alone will not be enough for any boost in trade ties. There has to be a win-win situation for both sides. Otherwise, the whole world is open for us to tap for trade.”

He was merely demonstrating the common trait of South Asians – a big mouth!

It is only terrorism that the world can tap Pakistan for. Besides Bollywood’s mafia brigade!

Soon after Mr Aziz opened his big mouth in Singapore, the London blasts shocked the world and catapulted Pakistani terror into the limelight. The press meet in Singapore was four years after 9/11.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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