Pakistan must do this, Pakistan must do that…Blah, Blah, Blah!

But what will India do? Just Talk and Blah, Blah, Blah!

An attack on India’s army base in Uri (Kashmir) yesterday by militants left 17 soldiers and four attackers dead.

This is a shame for India – if a country is unprepared for such terror strikes despite the recent escalation in violence in Kashmir that is evidence of a lack of wherewithal to deal with what is at stake.

Not surprisingly, the Indian political establishment and the Army came up with templated statements. Here is a sample:

  • Army: “We will give them a fitting reply.”
  • Home Minister Rajnath Singh: “Pakistan is a terror state.”
  • PM Modi: “Attack will not go unpunished.”

Blah shh.jpg

When will Indian leaders stop talking and show their firmness through tough actions? When Mr Modi became Prime Minister in 2014 on a religious plank the nation was confident he was going to be the saviour who will deal both Pakistan and China death blows and make India the world’s supreme power.

All the country has seen is deterioration across all fronts, accompanied by some dramatics and misplaced faith that with the U.S. now on its side all of India’s woes will soon disappear.

U.S. will Always be a Partner No One Can Trust

This CNN report, with a blatant pro-Pakistan pitch, is an inkling of the kind of help you can expect from the U.S. or any of its entities, expect profusive expressions of support.

The report (written by some Mukhtar Ahmad, Rich Phillips and Joshua Berlinger) harped on the recent violence in Kashmir and on Mr Rajnath Singh not providing any evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in the Uri attack.

When I first read the report online it only had the names of the first two writers and the tone had a Pakistan slant. The third name was only added a little while ago, with some changes, including to the opening para.

Since it is a developing story it is bound to go through further iterations. Here is a screenshot of the current version.


If all available tell-tale signs of Pakistani involvement are not enough for the CNN that only betrays the inanity and prejudices of the media.

Why the heck should the media be provided with details on sensitive issues?

Here is what I think India must do:

  1. Silence the Indian media first (including the jingoistic breed), keep them away from sensitive issues: The world knows how the Australian media scuppered India’s submarine deal recently. Journalists, whether in India or any of the democratic world, don’t care about issues that are sensitive to a country. All they want are scoops!
  • This does not mean freedom of expression can be sacrificed but it has to be curtailed in matters of importance to India’s security.
  • TV channels must not be allowed to air open TV debates on issues such as Kashmir, with armchair experts. The channels are so nuts that they also bring on foreign “experts”, including from Pakistan and the U.S.
  • Such discussions must be initiated by the Indian government and happen in a strictly confidential environment, with the media completely kept away from it.

2. Be a nation of action, not mere words: Stop dreaming and start to take strong actions without singing Mr Modi’s glory all the while – he has to demonstrate that he deserves the praises being heaped on him.

3. Stop Indulging in Religious One-upmanship and Win Internal Support: Keep people of all races happy, isolate the separatists first, try to win over those who go against the nation’s interests and if such efforts fail be ruthless with them. Don’t publicise the actions for electoral gains. The more secretive you are the greater your chances of success.

4. Don’t Imagine U.S. will be a Reliable Partner: Even if they are, India must have the self-sufficiency to deal with any situation. Support from the U.S. or from any other nation is ideal but reliance on that alone is buffoonery. Ties are getting stronger between the two because of the China factor. Every nation will keep its own interests first. India must gain self-reliant might!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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