Vodafone, Still Stuck in Old Generation?

Substandard Service, Customer Care in Chennai

From Vodafone to Tata Sky, all service providers in Chennai have one thing in common – substandard customer care. In the case of Vodafone, even saying their services and support suck will be an understatement.

Let me touch on their coverage first. Whenever I am inside my home in Kilpauk Garden, my Vodafone line goes almost dead. Even for a simple local voice call, I will have to step out of my home and face the sky to be able to make myself audible. Whoever comes to my home also has the same issue. 

This is a problem I have been facing for the last several years. If voice service is itself bad, how will mobile Internet stack up? Just as woeful or worse indeed! 

Restless Rep. at Anna Nagar Centre: Yesterday morning I went to the Vodafone centre in Anna Nagar for a face-to-face discussion on the issue. 

The lady who listened to my complaint was restless and in a hurry to wrap up the conversation. She made no attempt to go to the root of the problem. 

Instead, she looked at my phone settings and changed the service from 4G to 3G, assuring me that it would work fine. It appeared to me Vodafone was still living in the old generation, at least in India. 

Complaint Logging, Easy Excuse: When I insisted she investigate other issues such as network coverage, she merely said she would log a complaint.

With three other Vodafone lines at my home, this pathetic service is not something I was prepared to take lightly.

Street Name: Last night, with the issue unresolved, I called up their customer care number. 

The guy who I was interacting with was polite and more patient than the lady I spoke to at their centre and apologetic. 

But he could also not resolve the issue. He asked for the street name to verify coverage detail. 

When I gave it to him (they have my address in their system anyway!) he said he was unable to find the street name in the map, database or whatever Vodafone had access to. 

Prime Area: Kilpauk, incidentally, is one of the prime areas in Chennai.

The next step was predictable – “we will log a complaint and get back to you.”

Obviously, the complaint I had made at their centre was not captured at all. This is how Vodafone takes their subscribers for a ride!

Soon after my call with Vodafone customer care, I received an SMS from Vodafone, stating that my complaint would be responded to by Oct. 1!!

I guess I will have to move my service from Vodafone to another telco. There can still be no guarantee that the service will get any better! 


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