U.S. Loves Pakistan!

CNN downplayed Uri, as I had blogged about recently. Now, CNBC says Pakistan’s stock market is the best performing!

I am least surprised. These are news agencies that love Pakistan and imagine they know best!

And Indians think the U.S. is on their side!

Journalists of the day pretend to be objective in their analysis even while flouting professional ethics. If they and their ilk, market analysts, rank high in the trust quotient, the world will have been a better place.

They generally manipulate developments or research reports to play up a position that resonates with them.

To me, analysts are the biggest culprits as they  often betray their vested interests in what they do. I have reason to believe journalists are hand in glove with them.

But why am I using them to make a broad, even judgmental, statement against the U.S.? Because they tend to represent American sentiment!


G Joslin Vethakumar


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