Rape in India: no let-up as Law Enforcement Goes Soft on Vermin

Scarlett Keeling’s rape and murder eight years ago ended with the acquittal by the Goa court of both the accused a few weeks ago.

More crimes of that nature can be expected by vermin emboldened by that verdict.

I wonder what makes Indian courts go soft on rapists. Because a rash of pseudo intellectuals and human rights activists rush to the defence of all kinds of scum?

No Closure: Scarlett may have invited trouble with her deviant ways. Her mother may have to take the bulk of the blame for leaving the daughter, addicted to drugs, alone in an alien land.

But who killed her, if not the two Goan guys who were charged with the crime? Don’t Indian law enforcement agencies care about bringing about closure to criminal cases?

When rape-and-murder instances result in acquittals, criminals have nothing to fear with no deterrence in force. So Goa was witness to another such crime, the victim this time being an Indian socialite from the perfume industry.

Nirbhaya Rape and Murder: As rapes have become a regular curse, Indians continue to live in denial. “Rapes happen everywhere, including in the U.S. So, why we should we care,” appears to be their logic.

There are still people in the country who think the Nirbhaya rapists did not deserve the death penalty, which is yet to be executed. The killers, one of whom came out free, enjoying juvenile protection. The others are being represented by top lawyers in the country.


G Joslin Vethakumar


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