It’s Not Just Me Having an Issue with Nobel for Bob!

Bloggers are Writers, too! Gives me some hope!

I am a Bob Dylan fan, having been introduced to his songs during my days at the Madras Christian College (MCC) as a Literature student. But it does feel good to know it is not just me thinking that a musician winning the Nobel Prize for Literature is just not right.

This piece in The New York Times is also not the only one having issues with the award. There have been many such reports across different forms of media – social and print.

Song writing in Other Languages

Song writing is a rich craft, no doubt, but it is neither poetry nor a literary piece of work, what Bob Dylan wrote are musical masterpieces for which he deserves all of the recognition he has won so far. His association has been with music, not literature.

What about song writers who have excelled in languages other than English. Does the award for Bob give them hope?


Taking the Nobel away from a writer and giving it to a musician is a disservice to Literature, particularly at a time when reading as a habit is on the wane.

Tweets and Blogs

That said, I am fairly active in Twitter and a regular blogger. There are millions of others who have been hugely successful in blogosphere. Unlike me, many have monetised their forays into blogdom. Will one of them qualify for a Nobel in the future? After all, they are writers, too!

The selection committee may spring another surprise in the future and further undermine the Nobel Prize for Literature!

I reproduce herein a couple of paragraphs from my earlier post on the award…

A New Nobel Category

“A Nobel for Literature for Bob is too much of a stretch! Also, aren’t Nobel prizes typically meant to be awarded for contributions during a particular year? I am unable to recall any compelling composition from him in 2016. Or, is it a life-time achievement award?

A Nobel for a musician so loved like him will never be a matter of grudge. I just find the category inappropriate. It’s perhaps time for the Nobel Academy to create a new category to honour those in entertainment.”

The Guardian has an interesting counter point of view. But it does appear to me that the Nobel committee has needlessly broken away from tradition.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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