People of Indian Origin Love to Band Together as Hindus

First Hindu Groups in the UK Voted for Brexit, now Those in the US Vouch for Trump

It is easy to imagine that when living overseas Indians show solidarity with the country of their origin and band together based on nationality, not religion or caste or whatever else.

It appears hardly so. Just over the weekend America’s Republican Hindu Coalition came together to raise funds and extend their support for the Presidential candidate, Mr Donald Trump.


That’s possibly because they could not have called themselves Indian Coalition, being Americans of Indian origin. But then the event also appears to have drawn entertainers from Bollywood, such as actress Shreya Saran! Just as Indians working in the U.S.

So, do American Hindus want to support Mr Trump because they believe the latter will fight Islamic terror with greater vigour than ever before? 

Or is it because Mr Trump is opposed to immigration from Latin American countries which can potentially open the door for more people from countries such as India to be brought over to the U.S.?

In any case, Mr Trump loved the Coalition’s gesture and reciprocated by saying “I love Hindus and India.”


Why Hindus Wanted the U.K. Out of the EU!

Not too long ago, during the Brexit vote, many Hindu groups in England came on television news channels to proclaim their support for Britain’s exit from the European Union. 

The reason was that the U.K. being within the EU was preventing them from importing as many people from India as they desired.

Their stands on EU immigrants into England and Mexican/Latin immigrants into the U.S. show how principled positions Indians overseas take on matters that impact their adopted lands!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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