Nothing Off the Cuff About This …

Indian journalist Shekhar Gupta is a smart chap. Still, his deftness in trying to present himself as an objective media guy often falls flat.

Inevitably, his love for the BJP and Prime Minister Modi comes subtly through when he appears as a host or a guest on debates and interviews on NDTV. It is not too difficult to spot pretenders.

I thought that was obvious today when he shared the stage with Reliance boss Mukesh Ambani who was all glee when he said India was lucky to have Mr Modi run the country. It will have been more apt if he had replaced “India” with “Reliance”.

Perhaps Mr Modi himself is lucky to have found himself perched atop a country that is moving swiftly towards becoming a Hindu Rashtra.

If only Indians were not prone to falling for political theatrics and majoritarianism, he will not have made it to where he is now. And that is bound to cause damage to India in the long  run.


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