US Debate: Chris Wallace, a Refreshing Change from Earlier Moderators

Elegant Hillary was at her best today, Trump presented a confident face, too

The highlight of today’s third and final U.S. Presidential debate was moderator Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday host) who appeared to show a greater sense of balance and equanimity than those in the earlier two deliberations – NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz.

Chris raised the right questions and interjections, giving both the Presidential nominees equal traction. Well done, Chris.

I started watching the debate at home on TV but soon got on the road to head to the office. I tried CNN, BBC, Channel News Asia and Times Now for live video coverage on my phone. It was eventually India’s NDTV that made it possible and easy for me. Thank you, NDTV

No Arnab-Like Screaming

The earlier moderators were more like Arnab Goswami of Indian TV news channel Times Now with all of his prejudices but without the screaming. Arnab always forgets he is just a moderator and that viewers are only interested in the views of his guests, and not his own predispositions and bunkum.

I think Hillary Clinton was at her best today, better than how she fared in the first two Presidential debates. She was confident, articulate and precise. She has always been a powerful speaker but the first two debates showed her as unconvincing, missing her usual felicity.


Flawed Arguments

Her arguments, nonetheless, were not without flaws. “Undocumented immigrants paying taxes that are more than that of a billionaire,” she thundered.

But, collective taxes vs that from an individual is not an apt comparison.

Next, that bit of data she brought up shows the current administration took no steps to fix the issue. Why keep them undocumented when the taxes they pay are documented?

Trump also cornered Hillary when she was trying to be too populist by saying that she would not go overboard with deportations and closing borders. Her reasoning was that “there are 11 million undocumented immigrants who had four million children who are U.S. citizens.” She was emphatic she would not like to break up families.

Trump retorted by pointing out that the Obama administration still deported millions to which she had no response.

Hillary also tried to put Trump on the spot by bringing up his business deals – “he outsourced jobs to Mexico and used Chinese steel for his Towers, ignoring American steel makers.”

I cannot help thinking that Trump may have reason to believe the elections are rigged, with the mainstream media throwing its might fully behind Hillary and unearthing decade-old tales that may or may not be true!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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