Vile Media, Secular Pretences in American-Style Democracy

Tripping Trump with Slanted Tales

All top American newspapers, from The New York Times to The Washington Post, are telling the world that Mr Donald Trump is sending a chill down the spine of Islamic children in their country. So much so that if he becomes the President of the U.S. they will live in perennial trepidation!

Their fear psychosis will prevent them from stepping out of their homes, or so go the stories that are emerging from the media stable as part of their political agenda!

Has Mr Trump talked about getting Muslims killed to invite this kind of paranoia, hyped up by vile media coverage?

How About Impact of 9/11 Disaster on Children?

When 9/11 spelt disaster for the U.S., did non-Muslim American children cower and hide themselves under their beds, refusing to come out of their homes? After all, it was Islamic terrorism of an unprecedented scale. Or will the media say even then only minority children were terrified of stepping out, with the threat of reprisals looming?

That kind of destruction, with more than 3000 lives lost to well-coordinated terror strikes on a single day, has never been seen either before or after.

Also, why is NYT concerned about only Islamic children? They ought to know that Mr Trump’s agenda includes packing off all illegal Mexican and other immigrants!

Terrorists Use Children as Shields

And aren’t these children frightened about terrorists from their religion stalking America, vowing to destroy the country? They are terrorists who use children as shields and sacrifice them in countries where Islamic violence is a daily occurrence?

Only in American-style democracy, you can have a media going wild with their secular pretences.


Photo credit: The New York Times

Trump Miracle Unlikely

In less than two weeks, Americans will get to know who their next President will be but it is unlikely they are nurturing any hope of a Trump miracle. With the media having gone bonkers with a relentless campaign to shame the Republican candidate, his seasoned rival, Hillary Clinton enjoys an unfair advantage.

The New York Times (and the rest of the pro-Hillary media battalion) will perhaps have to do a lot of soul searching on their role in dismantling the campaign of Donald Trump, unearthing decade-old salacious tales from nowhere. His verbal indiscretions become insignificant when weighed against the actions of an earlier White House incumbent.

Mr Trump may not give Americans any sense of pride as President, but giving his candidature such intense, even evil, scrutiny so late in the game gives rise to suspicions that Americans cannot be proud of their brand of democracy either.

Whatever the result, media ombudsmen must subject the role played by the American newspapers to a thorough analysis and determine to what extent they abused the freedom of expression they enjoy.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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