Deepavali Without a Kabali Wrap Will Have Been Better

Good food, friendly warmth and great fun! Deepavali celebrations at a friend’s place today (Oct. 29) were all these and more. This is something we have been unfailingly doing the last several years.

The day could have seen a fun ending had it not been for Kabaali, Rajnikanth’s latest film, that was aired on local TV at 10pm as a Deepavali special. I am glad we only watched it from the comfort of our home, and not at a cinema!

Shot extensively in Malaysia, the film had the usual trappings of a Rajni staple – violence/gangsterism, verbal hype and a bit of romance strewn in through nostalgic recollections of the grey-haired protagonist.

The biggest weakness of the movie was its cast – most of them looking like real thugs passing off as actors! The exceptions were Radhika Apte and John Vijay. 

Rajni’s films generally have a good comedy track. There was none in this. I did not find music extraordinary as well.

Rajni perhaps thought he still had the ability to single-handedly carry a film through. Sorely mistaken.

It is a relief that I did not start the Deepavali day with Kabali.


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