Trump has the Last Laugh, the Media Must Take Some Blame!

Vote Against Media’s Obsessive Anti-Trump Campaign

So, the miracle has happened and Donald Trump has had the last laugh! Some of the blame for the defeat of Hillary Clinton will have to vest with the media. The next U.S. President can thank the media for his surprise win!

When you have top American newspapers and television channels gang up against a candidate, violating journalistic ethics and betraying blatant prejudices, the impact can be the opposite of what they intended. Particularly so in a nation where its people are not fools to be blindly swayed by media reports!


Picture Credit: CNN

Decades-Old Tales

There was way too much trash in the media that made Trump appear like a womanising idiot who will be a disgrace for the U.S., with Mrs Clinton gleefully lapping it all up. All based on some women resurrecting their supposedly decade-old tales of woe with Trump!

Again, Americans are not fools to accept media one-sidedness. Today’s journalists are as corrupt as politicians and businessmen and the electorate is not naïve not to see through their fake liberalism and crooked agenda.

I see it as much as a vote for what Trump stands for as it is against the vile media campaign.

The American people have voted and that is what counts, not what the media and political commentators write about as part of their post-mortem rubbish.

The media even revelled in calling Trump a political outsider. He represented the Republicans and was not an independent candidate in the fray. Just because he has not been a full-time politician he cannot be  brushed aside as an outsider.

Oratorical Pretensions 

In the end, it is Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”, that has resonated with the electorate. Hillary came up with a lot of oratorical, idealistic grandeur, including a last-minute exercise in wordplay that touched on how “love will trump hate”.

Oh, Hillary, there was too much stacked against you – not just your email scandal which saw official mails land in the laptop of your trusted lieutenant Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner, who was also caught in a sexting shame. Then you had to contend with corruption issues involving funds from the Clinton foundation alleged to have been inappropriately used.


Picture Credit: Vanity Fair

Huma Abedin – her controversial aide

Moreover, there were also reports that sought to portray Huma Abedin, who is of Pakistani-Indian origin, as an Islamist, having lived in Saudi Arabia and worked on a fundamentalist journal with her mother and brother driving it. She once used to be a White House intern – wonder how she survived Bill Clinton!

But then, I think, what did you in was the media’s lopsided coverage of the campaign, heavily slanted against Trump.

Based on just individual credentials, there is no question Hillary will have made a better President. She is a powerful speaker, but there was too much of drama in her addresses. Her sound political experience will have made her stack up well at the White House, but she did not appear to have integrity.

American voters, you will now accept, Hillary, are not fools to be carried away by it all!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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