Demonetisation: Conceptual, Managerial and Mala Fide Issues

Three Women Leaders Rip Action Apart as Govt gets Nailed for Three Failings

For the first time in a long time, NDTV had a meaningful debate tonight. And that was on demonetisation!

Importantly, three women leaders quite simply stole the show while another, Barkha Dutt, was trying to fracture their arguments with silly interruptions.

I am talking about Meera Sanyal (AAP), Mahua Moitre (TMC) and Anjali Bharadwaj (RTI activist) who, speaking authoritatively and confidently, nailed the BJP with facts.


Among the male participants, Sanjay Jha (Congress) tore demonetisation apart by pointing to three failings / characteristics- Conceptual, Managerial and Mala Fide, the last one being one of intention!

“Critics Don’t Love the Country”

Sunil Alagh, former corporate executive, on the other hand, made sweeping statements against critics of demonetisation, branding them as people who had no love for the country. His comments appeared to target the three women leaders only to be met with a strong Mahua counter.

She asked: Who decides whether we are against the country? That had Sunil scrambling for cover, particularly also because his diatribe was taken as a personal attack.


Cashless Country? Will BJP Only Take Funds Via Cheques?

But the question that had BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli in a corner came from Meera. “Will the BJP now commit to taking funds only by cheques in its fight against corruption. In other words, was the BJP ready for cashless funding?

He tried to be evasive but when pressed he would only say: “I am not the one to take such decisions and not in a position to answer that.” Why then is he a BJP spokesman? ? If the party has no answer for it, how is its Government going to usher in a cashless revolution?

Anjali had earlier pointed out that 80% of all poll funding was undisclosed and sought to know why the government did not come up with an anti-corruption framework first.

Modi in Paytm Advertisement

It did appear in the end that demonetisation was some random action, taken without conceptual direction or managerial precision.

Worse, reports about selective leak enabling the BJP and its corporate friends to escape the anarchy, while catching its rivals offguard, point to mala fide behaviour.

Interestingly, the morning after the announcement of demonetisation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was featured in full-page newspaper advertisements from Paytm – an Indian e-commerce firm with China’s Alibaba as a major shareholder. 

Reliance had also used a similar Modi image in Jio advertisements recently. 

A prime minister appearing in business advertisements does not merely sound fishy! It is an insult to the nation. Which business entity will he be modelling for next as its brand ambassador?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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