What botch-up? It’s the Media and the People, Stupid!

BJP Shifting Gear On Note Ban Mess, Blames Everyone Except Itself

BJP spokesman P N Vijay, fuming against the media, unwittingly betrayed the Government’s anti-people focus at a debate on demonetisation on News 18 tonight.

In his anxiety to defend his party, he called 8/10 people standing in queues at banks bogus. Or possibly fraudsters! His position was that these are people who queue up again and again, presenting a picture that is contrary to reality.

It is the media that is fouling up the environment by blowing the issue out of proportion, he thundered.

His tone was so intimidating that I thought he must have been kicked out of the show.
Another guest, Prasenjit Bose, countered Vijay with a force that made the BJP representative mellow down during the rest of the debate.

For the BJP, an offensive tactic may be a weapon of defence. It is time they showed the maturity to acknowledge that there has been a botch-up and take steps to fix it. And it does not have to be a rollback of demonetisation!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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