Shameful Deportation – and Trump has Nothing to Do with it!

For Uncle Sam, human rights abuse is one only when it happens outside its shores!

Anyone who still thinks Uncle Sam is a fair country valuing human rights will have to think again. The US has simply lost the right to raise the bogey of human rights at the drop of a hat – when violations happen outside its shores.

The deportation and life of turmoil faced by this guy with Korean roots who has lived in the U.S. almost all his life should explain why – .

Adopted by American parents when he was 3, abused and abandoned by them, he had to fend for himself and lived in the U.S. for nearly four decades.

He received no citizenship that should have been rightfully his when he was adopted. He is every bit an American as any. Still, he could not escape deportation – a reality he has to live with because of faults within the American system.

And it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Shame on you, America!


AP file photo

G Joslin Vethakumar


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