Rainbow Cake, Nov. 19 Special for Us!

I have been eyeing the Rainbow Cake for quite a while – since I joined Genesys in May 2015, as a shop near my office in Raffles Place was enticingly showcasing it. Anything colourful tends to catch my fancy!

It was only yesterday I could leave all self-induced resistance aside and get my hand on it, testing my palate. Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s (Mary Nizzie Bai – photo below that of the cake)  birth anniversary and that served as a perfect excuse for it. I never got to see her as she had passed away young even when my wife was a kid.


Hardly the sentimental type, her own memories of my MIL are faint. But who wouldn’t miss a loving mom!


Beginning of Indira Gandhi’s Birth Centenary

November 19 is thus a special day for us and yesterday also marked the start of the year-long centenary celebrations of late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Possibly the finest PM the country has ever had, despite the Emergency scar!


Yesterday was also the birthday of a close friend.


Back to the Rainbow Cake, we supplemented it with a Christmas Plum Cake, made in Australia.

My elder daughter is firm that a product from an Australian company tastes better when it is made Down Under than anywhere else. That’s borne out of her experience living there for three years during her graduation.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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