Pak. Brutality is Back. So is Talk of “Surgical Strikes”!

Indian politicians often waste no time in seeing an opportunity out of every tragedy, whether it is brutality of the worst kind from across the border or deaths and chaos caused by the note ban madness.

Pakistan must be made to pay for the beheadings and mutilations of Indian soldiers earlier today. India cannot sit idly and watch both terrorists and Pakistani armed forces play with the lives of people across its borders.

But do Prime Minister Modi and Defence Minister Parrikkar really care about the sad and gruesome deaths of the jawans? Some crocodile tears and theatrics are all they are capable of. Why wouldn’t if a sycophantic population is blindly behind showmen taking the nation for a ride!

Parrikkar wants retaliation but can anything meaningful be expected? Will it be similar to the so-called surgical strikes that spared the big fish and put an end to nothing?

Striking at the root is something beyond the country’s leaders, be it Pak. atrocities or black money! Worse, the actions they take are suspect and lead to more trouble without addressing any challenge.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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