December is in — All I Want for Christmas is…

Well, in India, amid the note ban mess CASH is certain to be a need!

December is in, the rains are back in Chennai with the threat of a cyclone looming and invoking last year’s nightmare when the lives of people were turned upside down. The city then experienced its worst rains in 100 years.

December is also the month of Christmas, the season of joy, love, giving and sharing.

All I want for Christmas is ….well, I don’t want to get too personal here.


But I can wear a broader hat and wish that the December 2015 disaster remains consigned to history with no recurrence whatsoever.

Last year it was a natural disaster man had little control over. But amid adversity the best of humanity surged to the fore with people helping one another and actively taking part in rescue work even as the government was slow to react.

This year, India faces a man-made crisis, no thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonic note ban that has left people cash-strapped, struggling to withdraw their own money from banks.

I wish those celebrating Christmas in India overcome any such crunch and make the most of the season of joy.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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