Jayalalitha-Sasikala, Hillary-Huma and Park-Choi

All Partners in Scandals – but while the aides landed Hillary and Park in trouble, Jayalalitha is deified in Tamil Nadu, the State that introduced sycophantic politics to India

Mrs Hillary Clinton’s trusted lieutenant Huma Abedin and her husband had access to sensitive government information. The email scandal played a significant part in Mr Donald Trump clinching the Presidential race, leaving Mrs Clinton (69) in deep disappointment.


The South Korean President, Ms Park Guen-hye (64), had to apologise on television and offer to resign after her friend and secretive adviser, Ms Choi Soon-sil, was reported to have been involved in corruption of a massive scale – with access to confidential government documents.

Ms Park, who is single, is set to be dethroned with impeachment proceedings having been launched against her following huge public protests against her.

But, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram (68), India’s version of Mrs Clinton and Ms Park in terms of frauds of this nature, is deified in the State despite her association with Sasikala who is said to be calling the shots as the actress-turned chief minister is battling for survival at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai.


During the last three months Jayalalitha has been seriously ill, only Sasikala is said to have enjoyed direct access to the Chief Minister – not even Union Ministers were allowed to meet her.

But Tamilians, who had introduced the sycophantic brand of politics in India, have been camping outside the Apollo hospital, weeping loudly and putting security forces under stress.

It’s time the forces are strengthened and the crowds outside the hospital cleared without delay in the interest of law and order.


G Joslin Vethakumar


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