A Cerebral Holiday in Tamil Nadu

Crooks calling the shots, with support from Prime Minister Modi, and Tamilians glorifying them?

Money, Money, Money – all is Funny in a State that can be described as the “Land of the Idiots” going by the sycophancy and shamelessness they demonstrate towards those in politics!

It is not, therefore, difficult for the devious mind of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grasp that Tamilians are just that and sense an opportunity for his party to get a foothold in Tamil Nadu. So Natarajan and Sasikala are now the BJP’s buddies.

Late Chief Minister Jayalalitha had thrown her confidante, Sasikala, out of her plush Poes Garden residence a few years ago as she found the former video parlour owner giving too much clout to her relatives, including husband Natarajan.

Later, Sasikala, however, wound her way back into Jayalalitha’s household, pretending that she had walked out of her husband and relatives.

Now, with Jayalalitha gone, the devils are all back, taking centrestage within the AIADMK and seeking to legitimate their loot with Modi’s vile support.

Wait a minute, shouldn’t I be knowing that in independent India only crooks in politics prosper while those rooting and voting for them enjoy a cerebral holiday?

But then I am a Tamilian, too, so I can be excused if my brain fails to function well!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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