Like Jallikattu, is Servility also a part of the Tamil Culture?

Servility and genuflection may soon be given a status elevation and acknowledged as part of the Tamil culture. The tradition cuts across all barriers – from the uncouth AIADMK ministers we see now in Tamil Nadu to the sophisticated bunch who have no qualms sucking up to late Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s sidekick, Sasikala Natarajan.

If Jallikattu can be projected as being a part of the Tamil heritage, why not bootlicking! After all there are more people doing that than those involved in bullfights.

Riding Self-Respect Wave and Sacrificing it

It is an art that came to be perfected with the emergence of Dravidian parties in the State. Ironically, though, they gained prominence because of the self-respect movement launched by EV Ramasamy Naicker (EVR as Periyar).

The breakaway groups hardly showed evidence of being either rationalists or defenders of self-respect. They had their eyes only on power and vulgar accumulation of wealth that they were able to realise, exploiting the blind sycophantic following they were able to muster.

Sasikala, a Symbol of Love and Sacrifice: Minister

Yesterday, I got to watch a clip on TV which had Revenue Minister R.B. Udayakumar refer to Sasikala as the “symbol of sacrifice and love, just like “amma Jayalalitha”. So, he wanted Sasikala to be made the Chief Minister.

What sacrifice and what love?

Politics in the State has been the abode of the riff-raff for way too long.

But then when the likes of N Ram of The Hindu quietly visit Sasikala to offer their obeisance (or whatever one may call it) it does make me infer that sycophancy for a reason is deep-rooted in the State.

Incidentally, all BJP leaders are vowing to ensure that jallikattu has a safe run during Pongal in January, despite court rulings

G Joslin Vethakumar


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