With Reckless Immigration, the Tradeoff is Peace

Germany accommodated 2.1 million immigrants in 2015, which was 46 per cent higher than during the previous year. 

The 2016 intake may have been even bigger had Germans not resisted Chancellor Angela Merkel’s openness towards Islamic migrants. Still, by the middle of the year more than 300,000 were reported to have made it to Germany.

Worse, reports indicate that 80% of the refugees have no valid documents and no passports. To compound the crisis, they had also started bringing their families over even as surging crime rates, including molestations, had made more numbers of German nationals flee the country.

Still, if anyone is surprised by the terror strike at the Christmas market in Berlin last night it will have to be only over its limited scale, with 12 lives reported to have been lost so far. The culprit is believed to be an asylum-seeker from Pakistan.

This is the price countries that practise reckless immigration will have to pay. Germany had in the past been seen to be a racist country but when it started to be open to other cultures the tradeoff was peace.

According to a report in The New York Times, “there have been at least nine attacks or attempted attacks in Germany in 2016 as well as in at least five other European countries: France, Italy, Belgium, Russia and Serbia.”

I am under no illusion that all Muslims are a risk to society. But while being inclusive is nice and welcome, gestures without moderation are bound to cause ferment.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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