Almond Sugi Fruit Cake from St Andrew’s Cathedral Cafe

The Cathedral Cafe & Welcome Center was reopened recently after renovation with a richer menu than before, sporting a Starbucks-like look.

We placed an order for an Almond Sugi Fruit Cake on Sunday there and collected it yesterday. It does look tempting, but we intend to resist it till Christmas day.

Interestingly, Sugi is the first half of my wife’s name, so the cake does strike a welcome chord in me. Sugi biscuits are available throughout the year in Singapore (spellings vary, though), but this is the first time I had come across a Sugi cake.


We have been wolfing down rich plum cakes and other types of Christmas confectionary from Australia, Scotland, the U.K. and Germany for the past more than a week anyway. They are available annually only during Christmas in Singapore.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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