Good Job, Italy! But was Germany having a Nice Christmas Nap?

First, kudos to the Italian police for their swift action that resulted in the Berlin attacker being shot dead.

The Tunisian terrorist, Anis Amri, had driven a truck into the Christmas market in Berlin last Monday, killing 12 people shopping for the festive season.

But how on earth did Germany let him flee the country even as there were reports about a massive manhunt having been launched.


The killer appears to have easily scooted from Germany to France where too he escaped detection.

With this kind of poor security, it is no wonder that terrorists have been having a free run in the two countries.

Anis Amri’s luck ran out when, on arrival in Milan by train, an alert Italian became suspicious and confronted him with questions.

When the Tunisian turned aggressive, the Italian quickly shot him dead.

Great job, Italy. If he had merely been arrested liberals will have sprung up from everywhere demanding his release and making him a hero.

BREAKING NEWS: Berlin suspect is ‘shot dead after Milan gunfight’


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