The Hindu Leads Glorification of “Chinnamma”

The glorification of the “Stepmother” (or “chinnamma) of Tamilians has begun, with The Hindu and channels like News 7 leading the sycophantic push.

The likes of N Ram, Christian bishops and Vice-Chancellors who had visited late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s sidekick Sasikala Natarajan earlier can now proudly go to Poes Garden again and pay their obeisance one more time. Earlier today she was named to lead the AIADMK as General Secretary, a position that Jayalalitha had held.

What the heck is shame or spine?

Bishops, VCs and Politicians Just Offer Entertainment to People

There is nothing sacrosanct about journalism or religious entities. They just provide entertainment to people, particularly in a State where intellectual deficiencies and lack of self-respect are legendary, where people sell their souls for just a few crumbs.

Bishops and pastors do nothing genuinely spiritual or religious. Their roles are just like any other profession, they are merely fulfilling functions that earn them their livelihood.

V.K. Sasikala: From soul sister to party leader :

G Joslin Vethakumar


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