Crafting an Escape from Modi’s Diatribe

Demonetisation Rant vs New Year-Eve Celebration – Which is Better?

I am no escapist. It is not in my nature to run away from challenges. Still, I am going to scoot from my home tomorrow evening. And no, not for ever as I will be back after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is done with his theatrical performance, addressing Indians on his biggest flop show of the year – demonetisation!

At least I can delight myself in New Year-eve celebrations rather than get worked up by all of the drama that Modi has been unleashing on audiences in the name of oratory! I will leave all that joy to those who adore him.

As I have been on leave all of this week, I had the misfortune of following Indian news channels that bored me to death with claptrap that ranged from Modi to Sasikala. Incidentally, some nexus between the last two appears to be on the cards aimed at destroying Tamil Nadu.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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