The Slow Death of Printed Christmas Cards!

In a post on Dec. 23, 2014, I had written about how some Christmas traditions have been lost for ever. That was the year when I stopped sending physical Christmas cards to friends and relatives!

So, I did not bother about sending printed greeting cards to anyone this Christmas. I posted a Christmas message in my Facebook account. I have only 131 friends, I am still wondering how I ended up with so many as I am not a social animal to make all acquaintances or strangers my friends. I am very careful about who I accept as friends – in the social media as well as in real life.

I did not send any printed cards to anyone, though. Selfish me! I sent some Christmas messages via Tweets, WhatsApp, Messenger and emails, too – particularly as responses to those who sent me wishes.

Christmas Cards Printed Birthday Wishes Greetings Sms And Printed Christmas Cards

Always a Joy…

But it is always a joy to receive printed cards via snail mail. I received only one such card this year from a colleague in the U.S.

That did bring me real Christmas cheer. There are reliability issues with sending cards through regular post – unless you courier it (which is pricey) or send it through registered post (which is time-consuming and involves extra costs, too).

Indian P&T: My brother told me he had sent me a card via registered post more than two weeks ago from India.

But I am yet to receive it, that is how efficiently India works. He says he had sent me one last year also but that bounced back to him.

At least the Indian postal department did not throw it into the Cooum river there. My guess is that they must have made no attempt to despatch it.

Let me not stretch the rant any further hours before the dawn of 2017.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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