My Wishlist: Less Globalisation, More Localisation

The economy is not everything, particularly so if globalisation leaves local populations in the lurch.

From Brexit to Trump and more to come (Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc.), globalisation is proving to be the farce it is.

Mediocrity, Terror and Crime

A borderless world is welcome only if you are prepared to bring in mediocrity while being open to the risk of terrorism and imported crime from rapes to murders.

Locals in each of the advanced countries have begun looking for jobs elsewhere as:

  • their countries are being flooded with personnel from the Third World merely because businesses want cheap workforce
  • they are losing their identity in their own land and peace has ground to a halt because of the refugee influx

The Labour Crunch Claptrap in Singapore

And in countries such as Singapore the locals are being led to believe that there is a labour crunch when they themselves are going without jobs.

Singapore is already filled with more people than it can take, with foreign mediocrity accounting for a significant chunk of the population. The casualty is the high quality of life that Singaporeans used to enjoy not too long ago.

But then they are a complacent, nervous bunch worried about having to stare at bankruptcy because of any resistance.


Citizenry-First Strategy Paramount

The state of the economy is not everything, but a citizenry-first strategy is paramount. To restore the high quality of life of the past, Singapore must start to trim its population by at least 10%. I hope to see that happen in 2017.

I came up with my 2016 wish-list at the start of this year. I had then argued that Singapore has to look at ways to reinvigorate its citizens with an inward orientation.


I have not seen any of my yearnings from that list fructify, so I am linking this post to my January 1, 2016 Wishlist for Singapore.

Let me also link to another of my posts from January 2016, where I talked about jobs for every Singaporean must be a matter of right.

I hope the Singapore Government learns from the globalisation lessons the world came to grips with in 2016, including in the most open of all countries (the U.S.) and does not take its citizens for a ride.

I really wish I will not have to repeat the wishlist at the start of 2018!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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