Jayalalitha will be Remembered for Corruption and Sasikala

Her Evil Equation with Sasikala Makes her Legacy Sick

In an earlier post, I had touched on what late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram will be remembered for – both positives and negatives.

Now, within four weeks of her demise her followers within the AIADMK appear determined to obliterate whatever good she may have done.

This has made me think her legacy will be a sick one. Her failure to clearly document her succession plan and her role in enabling Sasikala (her constant companion from outside of her political and family circles) and her family to acquire wealth through alleged corrupt ways will overshadow all of her “Amma-based work”.


Partners in Corruption: Jayalalitha and Sasikala. Picture from Rediff

Sasikala’s Designs

Her failure to see through the evil designs of Sasikala is another blot in her political career. Here is a Rediff interview with Sasikala’s husband Natarajan in February 2014 wherein he says he and the family will be back with his wife after the two women sort out the corruption cases.

Despite Jayalalitha’s acquittal they must have seen some hurdles to their reunion. Jayalalitha’s death hastened what they have been longing for. The family was back in full force at her Poes Garden residence even before Jayalalitha’s death became official.

The interview, conducted by Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV, quotes Natarajan as saying that but for the corruption cases, Jayalalitha will have thrown out Sasikala permanently.

History will not be charitable to Jayalalitha for her association with Sasikala as partners in crime.


AIADMK leaders surrendering to Sasikala. Soon they will be prostrating before her.

Malleable Judiciary?

The Indian judiciary has always been seen as politically malleable as the influential are seldom brought to book. Jayalalitha may have been able to get herself acquitted in the disproportionate assets case months before her death. Doubts, however, remain.

I think the case must be reopened and now focus on the role of Sasikala and her family.

The people of the State have no special affinity for Sasikala. In fact, it will hardly be an exaggeration that she has only been seen as a personification of evil by people. The AIADMK functionaries are trying to build a base for Sasikala.

The fools that Tamilians are they will throw their weight behind Sasikala just for some crumbs. That’s the tragedy in a system ridden by poverty and corruption.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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