Time Ripe for President’s Rule in Tamil Nadu

The ways things are unfolding in Tamil Nadu, following the death of Chief Minister Jayalalitha last month, it appears to me that the time is ripe for President’s rule in the State. Jayalalitha’s successor and her corrupt family have made AIADMK functionaries fall at her feet.

While more than four years remain before Tamil Nadu goes to the polls again, there are enough indications to suggest that the State will slip into political chaos and mayhem soon.

The best period in Tamil Nadu, in perhaps the last three decades, was when the State was under President’s rule with then Governor Dr P C Alexander calling the shots.

Here is a piece I had written for the Sunday edition of a newspaper in April 1988, arguing how if the people of the State would have their say they would prefer an extended period of the President’s rule.


G Joslin Vethakumar


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