From Gang Rapes to Mass Molestation – Will India Ever Wake Up?

Women, too, have to play their part – Use freedom with caution and be safe, not sorry!

Last year it happened in Germany. This year in Bangalore and possibly across Indian cities. It is just that Bangalore has received all the attention over something that ought not to have happened.

As a father of two daughters, I hold safety for women paramount. For all its moralistic posturing and pride in its culture, India has been a haven for rapists and molesters.

And what has me worried is that the situation in India is only going from bad to worse despite all periodical protests within the country and the international infamy wrought on it by assaults on women.

The New Year-eve mass molestations in Bangalore go to show that crimes against women are happening with greater fury now. I really feel sorry for the victims with perverts coming in their way of a fun start to the New Year.

Midnight Mayhem and Curtailing Fun Spirit

It is easy to blame the women for what they had to endure. They deserve all of the freedom that men enjoy. But the fossil that I am, I don’t advocate wild celebrations even for men, leave alone women. And this is not an attack on their freedom. Curtailing their fun spirit is in their own interests.

Midnight mayhem on occasions such as these happen everywhere. The other cities in India and even Singapore are not immune to it.

Singapore is among the safest cities in the world, particularly for women, because culprits can never escape the tough hand of law in the country. Still, as the Singapore police watchword goes “low crime does not mean no crime”. They exhort people not to become an easy target for crime.

Countdown with Family at Home

This New Year eve I did go out to some spots where there were celebrations. My family did not want to join me as they were happy to watch the activities on television.

I myself returned home around 11pm to watch the countdown with my family on TV.

Parties have never excited me and not just because I remain a teetotaller. I just don’t enjoy hanging out. Those who love that culture will just need to exercise care and act according to ground realities.

India is changing, some for better and some hardly so. A New Year debate on Vijay TV had some young single women openly say they have had many physical relationships. Their excuse was that physiological needs are not different from that of men.

Be safe, not sorry!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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