100s of Men Pitted Against One Bull is Valour?

Jallikattu: Tamilians Shaming Themselves Again!

Servile Tamilians are shaming themselves yet again by insisting that Jallikattu is part of their culture. The Chief Minister has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for an ordinance to allow the sport.

There are bigger issues to fight for in the State – Cauvery water sharing, unabated deaths of farmers, corruption, political mayhem and more. And all political leaders in Tamil Nadu, including those from the BJP, are vowing to stand by Jallikattu! What a disgrace!

An Insult to Tamilians

As a Tamilian, I am embarrassed by lovers of the sport claiming that it is a symbol of valour. One bull pitted against hundreds of shameless men is courage?

It is less cruel than the Spanish bullfight but calling Jallikattu a symbol of Tamil pride, courage and culture is an insult to those from the State who think otherwise.

I lived in Chennai for more than three decades and have travelled throughout the State but have never witnessed Jallikattu anywhere. And if people, for political reasons, were to tell me it is inherent in Tamil culture my response will only be one of serious disagreement.

Even if it is a part of the State culture, perpetuation of evil practices in the name of heritage is not something that can be allowed.

I had talked about it in many of my posts here, so enough said!






G Joslin Vethakumar


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