Raising of Re-Employment Age is No Big Deal

Only One Decision Will Address the Issue: Cutting Down Import of Foreign “Talent” / Mediocrity

So, Singapore has raised the re-employment age of eligible Singaporeans to 67 from the current 65. While this has become law and is a welcome move I don’t think it is any big deal for two reasons:

  1. This law will be difficult to enforce in a country that is more friendly to businesses than its constituents. Also, the key word is “eligible” and employers can trot out any number of excuses that the government will lap up.
  2. Young graduates are still finding it difficult to get entry-level jobs.

The one action that will have been meaningful is to cut down all import of foreign workforce by at least 75%. The employers will then automatically be obliged to hire local talent. Resisting it will only mean that they are unwilling to provide suitable training to the locals or they simply want cheap labour. Both are unacceptable!

And all hell will not break loose! If they are unable to bring local resources to fill their job requirements they should go the virtual hiring route and rely on a remote workforce.

As I had argued in several of my posts earlier, businesses that are not ready to wake up to the new dynamic don’t deserve to exist. They can pack up and set up shop wherever they like. 

Singapore will still not be the loser. Lower populations will ensure a better quality of life for Singaporeans and jobs for all without the overpopulation mess we are in currently.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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