‪Federer at his Best with a 5-Set, but Easy, Win over Nishikori

It has been a happy outing so far for Roger Federer who proved all naysayers wrong with a five-set win over Nishikori at the Australian Open moments ago.

It was hardly a tough match though the scoreline may suggest otherwise.

Nishikori’s killer backhand did not appear to have troubled Federer much. In fact, his forehand winners were serving him well.

The media may think Federer’s win is as much a shock as the defeat of Murray, earlier today, and Novak in Round 2.

But then these are days when the media hardly get anything right.

Federer, though, will face a tough test in the quarterfinals where he faces German M Zverev, today’s conqueror of top-seeded Andy Murray.

G Joslin Vethakumar 



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