Tamil Pride Dented Only Now

Everyone is now taking credit for the ordinance that the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed yesterday in a jiffy to legalise Jallikattu, overturning the Supreme Court ban. 

From Sasikala Natarajan, the woman most Tamilians appear happy to call their “stepmother” (Chinnamma), to supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, they think they made it happen. As if it was a major milestone!

So the rallies did nothing? That aside, I feel it is only now that Tamil pride has been dented. Did the advocates of Jallikattu know that PETA is a small group of people fighting for ethical treatment of animals worldwide with no political axe to grind?

They are not out to destroy traditions, they are merely speaking up for poor creatures that cannot defend themselves against brutality and cruelty. 

It shocks me that in a country where vegetarianism is a virtue, animal lovers are treated with contempt.

Standing for Kindness is Patriotic, Justifying Cruelty is Un-Indian

There is nothing antinational about what PETA has been doing. I agree with the position of PETA India director of veterinary affairs Manilal Valliyate that “to stand for kindness is patriotic, to stand for cruelty is un-Indian.”

I agree the Spanish bullfight is more cruel than Jallikattu, but that can be no justification for defending the sport in the name of culture and tradition.

PETA leaders were called sluts and drunkards and memes with their images, obviously doctored, widely circulated.

An Embarrassment for Tamilians

Jallikattu netizens were particularly harsh on PETA India chief Poorva Joshipura with vile campaigns just because the NGO stands up for animals.

Even an “obituary” for actress Trisha, a PETA supporter, stormed the Internet with wild images of her “death due to HIV”.

Disgraceful behaviour that should be an embarrassment for Tamilians worldwide!

Slipping into vicious, vulgar attacks against individuals merely because they are taking a stand that is not aligned with yours amounts to plain evil.

Man up people, accept dissent and truths as a part of life!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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