U.S.–India Ties Getting Warmer

But the Devyani Saga Remains a Scar

There is no reason for the world to suspect President Donald Trump’s assertion the he considers “India a true friend of America.”

That he called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of the Russian and Japanese leaders is testimony enough. And there has been no love lost between Trump and China.

But, as this CNN report points out, President Obama had once said that India and the United States would form the “defining partnership” of the 21st century.” So, the warmth has been in place the last several years. Under Trump, the friendship can be expected to become stronger.

Devyani was Strip-Searched and Made to Sit with Criminals

The Obama era, nonetheless, saw Uncle Sam behave like a bumbling racist foe than a friend! It showed its evil fangs when it arrested senior Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade, in collusion with the latter’s maid, Sangeeta Richard.

Though Devyani enjoyed diplomatic immunity, the American authorities strip-searched her and made her sit with those charged with drug addiction and prostitution until she was bailed out.

Worse, the American embassy staff in New Delhi worked on the sly to get Sangeeta Richard’s husband and family flown out of the country and into the U.S. on trafficking visas first. It was only after the maid’s family reached the U.S. that the Indian diplomat was arrested.

That clearly demonstrated how the U.S. had acted surreptitiously and in bad faith, betraying India. All that to merely get some more duds into the country – as if those coming in under diversity visas and as refugees were not enough!

But Trump appears to be honest, both in his praise and diatribe, so he may help make the trust deficit disappear.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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