Drug Testing in Sports Becoming a Farce

Will someone also suddenly discover that the likes of Jesse Owens had also taken performance-enhancing drugs then and order that the medals be taken away?

Ok, no samples will have been taken then. How about some Rio gold winners being tested positive 20 years from now? The process is getting sillier and sillier.

I don’t know what is holding up quick testing. But, to me, all results must be made available within a few days after the events. If they come 10 years after the Games it becomes buffoonery.

Perhaps some day we will have a drugalyser, like a breathalyser, that will be used on every athlete prior to a race.

Anyone failing that test can then be instantly pulled out of the event.

Stripping winners of their medals a decade after they had won them  is too much of a joke and takes all fun away from the Olympics.

G Joslin Vethakumar


Usain Bolt loses one Olympic gold medal as Nesta Carter tests positive



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