Interesting, US Judiciary is Respected by Leaders

The judiciary in different States is rushing to halt the immigration bans imposed by President Donald Trump.

Interestingly, the administration does not go overboard with any perceived threat to democratic traditions, preferring to fight it legally though Trump himself called a Seattle Federal judge ruling ridiculous.

But the Justice Department is challenging the ruling said to apply countywide.

The State Department has at the same time suspended implementation of Trump’s immigration order, honouring the ruling of the Federal Judge.

So, there is NO drama such as the House of Representatives being hurriedly convened to assert the supremacy of democratically elected leaders.

Malleability of Indian Judiciary 

Here I am unable to resist a comparison with the dynamic in India where in certain situations the State Assemblies and Parliament will quickly swing into action and enact legislation to nullify court rulings.

The judiciary is also malleable in India, often bowing to the diktat of the political dispensation.

G Joslin Vethakumar


Justice Department to challenge judge’s halt of travel ban


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