Why is There no Noise on Bans Affecting Israelis and those with Israeli Visas in their Passports?

Amid all the noise over the recent temporary travel bans announced by US President Donald Trump, what is forgotten is that the restrictions are nothing new.

The very same countries that are bearing the brunt of the ban do not allow visitors from Israel. Worse, even those who have Israeli visas stamped in their passports are not allowed into their countries.

Such controls are in place in most Islamic countries. The world does not care about it while screaming over Trump’s executive order.



South Africans had also faced some restrictions in the past over apartheid. The Indian passport once carried the statement that it is good for travel to all countries except South Africa. Luckily, the end of apartheid brought South Africa back into the mainstream.

It is easy to dismiss Trump’s order as un-American but the protesting rest of the world must realise what is inherent in their stand is hypocrisy.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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