Oh, Tamil Nadu! Beyond Redemption?

Chief Ministerial aspirant Sasikala Natarajan of the AIADMK is facing opposition on multiple fronts.

Public sentiment is first overwhelmingly against her. Then there are criminal cases pending against her in the courts. There are still suspicions over the death of her master, Jayalalitha. A big online campaign against her is drawing massive support.

So why the hurry to make her the CM among her party legislators? Plain greed to grab power! Possibly supported by the likes of N Ram, senior journalist, who was among those who were quick to pay their obeisance to her? Shameful!

To me, the Assembly must be dismissed and President’s rule imposed to prevent the State from slipping into political chaos.

Is Centre, BJP Conniving with Sasikala?

If that does not happen, the Central Government will be seen as conniving with Sasikala and facilitating her climb to power.

Foul Play in Jayalalitha’s Death?

Earlier today, Apollo Hospital held a press meet, roping in Dr Richard Beale to say that there was no foul play in the death of Jayalalitha. It was initiated by the AIADMK. That makes the issue more suspect.

Dr Beale is among the suspected culprits, so how can his testimony be credible? A thorough investigation must be ordered without banding all partners in crime together.

Is Supreme Court Ready to Give Sasikala a Clean Chit?

Also, the Supreme Court suddenly saying it would pass its judgment next week in the Disproportionate Assets (DA) case involving Sasikala and her relatives appears to be part of a larger conspiracy. The aim is perhaps to give Sasikala the clean chit in the corruption case as well.

So, it will be “no murder, no corruption, she is the saint that Tamil Nadu has been blessed with.”

Are the judiciary and the Modi Government part of this conspiracy?


G Joslin Vethakumar


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