P H Pandian is a Leader who had the Respect of MGR, People

His Charges of Foul Play in Jayalalitha’s Death Cannot be Blindly Brushed Aside 

Thanks to NDTV’s investigations, more skeletons are tumbling out of Sasikala’s cupboard. They have brought out scores of dubious deals involving her and her close relatives.

Her association with corruption is one of the many factors coming in the way of her insatiable greed for power. Another one is her unsuitability for the position of Chief Minister, as argued by former Minister and Speaker, P H Pandian, today.

One of the AIADMK’s founding members, P H Pandian, has a clean and stellar record. The respect he commands with the electorate saw him win elections continuously, including when the party was on the losing end.

Silly Shekhar Gupta

Without knowing anything about Pandian, senior journalist Shekhar Gupta says “he has got his 15 minutes of fame”, referring to the former’s claim of foul play in the death of Jayalalitha.

Worse, Sasikala’s mouthpiece, Saraswathi, calls Pandian a shameless fellow who fell at Jayalalitha’s feet. If this is the kind of uncultured people who will control Tamil Nadu that will be a shame.

Pandian’s charge is not something that can be simply dismissed. It is just not him, this has been an issue simmering in the minds of a wide spectrum of the people of Tamil Nadu as well.

There is, therefore, every reason to order an independent central probe into Jayalalitha’s death.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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