Amma’s Govt Run Under Chinnamma’s Guidance: EPS

The State that Loves Freebies Deserves this Convict Regime!

Tamil Nadu chief minister Palaniswami may not have any qualms saying “This is “Amma’s government and would be run under the guidance of “Chinnamma.”

But for the State and its people a government that has two convicts, one dead and another in jail, as the foundation of its administration is a crying shame showing Tamilians as India’s biggest fools.

Late Jayalalitha and the AIADMK rode to power on the back of goodies (such as grinders and TVs) dispensed to the electorate.

The same electorate will only need to be given more freebies by the party to get back the support they had lost with the death of Jayalalitha under suspicious circumstances in December last.

OPS, a Flop

The rebel CM contender, O Panneerselvam (OPS), put on a flop show when the Assembly took on the Vote of Confidence yesterday, garnering a mere 11 votes against the 122 that the Sasikala faction got. Despite having the people of the State behind him, he was unable to translate it into a victory.

He could have at least made a face-saving exit from the Assembly without participating in the trust vote. Particularly because the entire opposition led by the DMK had walked out after some unsavoury incidents in the House.

Edited Footage

Since only edited footage of the violence in the Assembly was made available, I will not blame just the DMK for it. The media was kept away from the live proceedings, so the truth was blacked out. I am not, therefore, ready to believe that the DMK acted without provocation.

Ok, I am prepared to accept that whatever the provocation violence is not the answer. As DMK leader M K Stalin explained today at a press meet, he had apologised for the behaviour and requested a secret ballot that the Speaker rejected outright.

Tamil Nadu is under an extraordinary curse led by dummies and criminals in jail. The State and its people must do everything possible to come out of this shame.


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