PwC’s Oscar Gaffe has the Media, Online World in Splits

Whether or not the rest of the Big Four accounting firms are chuckling at PwC’s Oscar gaffe today, the media and Twitterrati rolled out their best in regaling readers.

If CNBC had a brilliant headline for the Oscar fiasco (“And the loser is – PwC”), this BBC report has a funny blurb!

“Critics often say that the best picture Oscar goes to the wrong film. But the 2017 Oscars will forever be remembered as the year it literally did.”


Serious investigations have begun to find a scapegoat or two for the fiasco. And it was a laugh riot on Twitter with ticklers at the expense of PwC!

This Tweet is memorable, certain to bring about a chuckle: “Putin has just hired PwC to announce the winner of the next national election.”

For more hilarity from such tweets, check out this report.

La La Land’s short-lived joy prompted this Tweet: “La La Land may not have taken the award home, but it is still going down in history…as the movie which won for 5 minutes.”

G Joslin Vethakumar


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