It was Sasikala who Authorised Apollo to Pull the Plug on Jaya

One of Jayalalitha’s blood relatives (her niece Deepa, pictured here) wants to become the Chief Minister.

And another (Deepa’s brother now with Sasikala’s camp) is eyeing her wealth estimated to be worth more than Rs 50,000 crores.

But it was Sasikala who asked Apollo to pull the plug on Jayalalitha though she is not the late Chief Minister’s next of kin.

What was it that made Sasikala grab sole power to decide to let her partner in crime go?

She it was who had also authorised Apollo to get a pacemaker for Jayalalitha and put her on a ventilator.

Deepa says she was at the hospital almost on each of the 75 days her aunt was undergoing treatment there but was never allowed in.

G Joslin Vethakumar 


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