Jaya Death: Journalists Declare TN Govt’s Statement a Matter of Fact!

Since when have Indian Journalists started believing that whatever the Government says are plain facts?

This News 18 journalist kept questioning the DMK if it was going to drop its demand for a probe into Jayalalitha’s death now that the Government has revealed facts that point to no foul play.

If that is not enough, Zakka steps in to add the facts should now dispel all misconceptions surrounding the death.

Mercifully, though, he brought up the point that the Apollo letter mentions it was Sasikala who gave consent to pulling the plug on Jayalalitha. 

Since Sasikala is not the late CM’s blood relative, it gives rise to the suspicion if the two had secretly married. 

Sasikala did not allow Jaya’s blood relatives anywhere near the hospital till her death. In fact, no one was allowed to see Jaya at the hospital, not even the Governor. 

Sasikala did not even let in OPS who was running the Government as Jayalalitha’s confidant.

But then Indian journalists are quick to declare the government’s statement a matter of fact!

G Joslin Vethakumar 


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