WikiLeaks Lands CIA in Trouble, Puts Tech Firms on the Defensive

It should come as no surprise that the CIA can infest smart TVs and phones with malware and turn them into listening devices for its covert operations. After all, in a smart and connected IoT-focused world the tradeoff is privacy, both individual and national.

The latest string of startling revelations by WikiLeaks has not just put the CIA on the dock. It has also had tech giants such as Samsung, Apple and Microsoft scrambling to offer defensive explanations.

Among the several WikiLeaks disclosures the most shocking is that “nearly all the CIA’s arsenal of privacy-crushing cyberweapons have been stolen, and the tools are potentially in the hands of criminals and foreign spies.”

Just as explosive is the allegation that “to hide its operations, the CIA routinely adopted hacking techniques that enabled them to appear as if they were hackers in Russia.”

G Joslin Vethakumar


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