It Pays to Keep People Poor in India

Demonetisation Yielded Dividends for Modi and TTV Dhinakaran will Throw Cash to Win RK Nagar

No mainstream political party in India wants to bring about a transformative change in the life of the people, particularly the poor.

Barring, of course, the AAP! But Indians appear to have a strong dislike for the AAP because they see it as a threat to the Hindutva ideology of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling BJP.

Keep the people poor, so they can woo them with some crumbs during election time. This is the credo under which the mainstream parties work. But they will have no qualms screaming how committed they are to the welfare of the poor! 

Corrupt Sasikala Will Risk Everything to Make Nephew CM

It is that motto that has emboldened the AIADMK to field Sasikala’s nephew TTV Dhinakaran in the byelections to the RK Nagar constituency to fill the seat that has been rendered vacant with the death of former chief minister Jayalalitha. Both Sasikala and Jayalalitha were proven partners in crime for which the survivor is in jail now.

While public anger is overwhelmingly against the corrupt Sasikala’s family, Dhinakaran and the AIADMK are obviously confident that they will win the election. Is it blind, silly faith?

Not necessarily, as they may be clear that appeasing the electorate with cash and gifts at poll-time will be enough for Dhinakaran to be elected to the Assembly. If that happens, the man thrown out of her sight by Jayalalitha will become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Typically, the party that can spend big holds the edge during elections. Thanks to demonetisation, only the BJP has deep pockets now. The notes ban crippled the rest of the parties and this was reflected in their poor showing in the recent elections in a few States.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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