Gangai Amaran Blasts Ilayaraja

Gangai Amaran has torn into Ilayaraja’s madness in serving a legal notice to SP Balasubramanian.

In a TV interview tonight, Gangai Amaran, filmmaker and music director himself, blamed it on arrogance and money lust, with the poser to Ilayaraja: “Are you so impoverished as to make petty and idiotic demands?”

Very strong words indeed to express his disgust against his own Brother!

He sounded very aggressive in the interview with News 7, even saying “we have copied from MSV and Thyagaraya keerthana. Have we paid any royalty for it.”

He may have used it as an excuse to get some publicity mileage ahead of elections at RK Nagar, Jayalalitha’s constituency, where he is contesting on a BJP ticket.

But he has raised the right questions.

Given that Ilayaraja and SPB were said to be the best of friends, the showdown does come as a surprise.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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